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Communications Regulatory
Commission of Mongolia


What is a zipcode?

2022-10-14 10:53:50

Implementation of the "E-Mongolia" national program of the Government of Mongolia, "Establishing unified coding and forming a unified information system throughout the country", "Each street, square, office, and household should be addressed and transferred to the postal zone system". "Unified Postal Code" was approved by Order 101 of 2007 of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of the work to fulfill the objectives of "improvement of the mail delivery system at all levels". The introduction of this code is the responsibility of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in accordance with Clause 9.1.3 of the Postal Law. , not only expanded the scope of the code, but also called it Zoning code or zip code.

Zoning code /zip code/-5 digits

            The zoning code contains information about the location of administrative units and urban areas (regions) according to the territorial zoning schedule of Mongolia, and is expressed as a 5-digit number with a reserve for assigning them in accordance with the development plan and not to be assigned in duplicate.

5-digit code consists of prefix code + part code. For example: